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Invest in YOU and the COMMUNITY will get the dividends!

Professional Woman

Learn the Expectations

Serving on the board of directors of a nonprofit organization (or starting a nonprofit organization) is your contribution to the community so get equipped! The citizens you serve rely on your experience, knowledge, education, leadership, time, resources, connections, and active engagement. 

Course Details

Experiential, innovative, and fun class like nothing you have attended before. 

Morning Session: Learning through game play.

Afternoon Session: Learning through best practice tools.

All Day: Facilitator coaching and Peer exchange.

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You are Needed!

With over 1.5 million not-for-profit organizations in the United States and approximately 20 million board members (continuously rotating), it is highly possible you will be asked to serve on the board of directors of a nonprofit organization at least once in your lifetime.  

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Let's Put the Pieces Together!

Board members, board meetings, committees, financial reports, fundraising, policies and procedures, attendance, risk management, reputation, services, technology, minutes, recruitment, succession planning, trust, communication, accountability, compliance.....

Let's put the pieces together and give you knowledge, understanding, and ways to take action to make an IMPACT!

Upcoming Dates:      Watch for 2024 dates!

Upcoming Dates:      Watch for 2024 dates!

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