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Board Recruitment

Image by José Ramon Martinez

How is board member recruitment working?

Have you searched the city but had little success finding "good" members?

Did the organization start with three founding members who saw the vision, and now it is time to grow, but you don't know how?

This one-day course will show you how to recruit and retain engaged board members.  Being an active participant on the board of directors is not an option, it is a requirement.  

When members "check out" it is usually because there is no strategic process in place or the process is not functioning properly.  Experience and training have taught me that you cannot simply ask a person to serve on your organization's board of directors, you must develop a relationship with a prospect, ensure there is alignment in your needs and their desire to serve; then set them up for success!

Join our Workshop and Address Your Recruiting Pain Points

Building a High-Performing Board by Design

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the purpose and power of a Governance Committee

  • Learn the steps for recruiting and engaging board members

  • Use best practice tools to improve board recruitment and participation

  • Assess the sufficiency of current procedures and identify actions for improvement

  • Learn how to find and equip board members for high performance


Who Should Attend?

This workshop is designed for two participants from each agency.  We encourage the following options:

  • Board Chair and Chief Executive Officer (Founder/Executive Director)

  • Nominating Committee Chair and a committee member

  • Chief Executive Officer and a Board Member

  • Two Board Members

We highly encourage two representatives attend so each one can support the other to ensure the learned material is implemented and the effort is led by a team that has a first-hand understanding of the best practices for strategic board recruitment.

Workshop Details


Nonprofit organizations who complete the workshop will be included in the 501c Impact! Board Recruiting Database.  This database will include consenting graduates of our Certificate in Nonprofit Board Governance course who want to serve on the board of directors of a nonprofit organization.  These graduates will also be able to search the database for nonprofit organizations who have completed this workshop to find boards whose mission aligns with their passion.

per nonprofit organization

Upcoming Class: Watch for 2024 dates!

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