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Board Game 


Purchase includes: 

1- 501c Impact! Nonprofit Board Governance Game with written instructions, 

1- Complimentary Game-playing session for buyer  

1- 4 GB flash drive pre-loaded with:


  • 10-minute Getting Started Video (to help you start playing the game quickly),
  • 30-minute detailed Video (for those who prefer a detailed, step by step training video),
  • Facilitator’s Guide
  • Facilitator’s Supplemental Slide Deck with speaker’s notes for taking deep dives into specific subject areas.
  • Mock Self-Assessment Tool
  • Self-Assessment Instructions

Game in Box

  • The purchase of a game(s) may be canceled up to the third day after making the purchase for a full refund.  No refunds will be honored beginning the the fourth (4th) day after the purchase is made.  For purposes of the above policy, Day 1 is the day of purchase.

  • Your order will be shipped on the fourth (4th) calendar day after payment is received, unless it is a Sunday or holiday, in which case it will be shipped on the next USPS business day.  For purposes of this policy, Day 1 is the day of purchase.

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