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Board Recruitment:
Getting to the R.O.O.T. of the Matter

Image by José Ramon Martinez

How is your board member recruiting working out for you?

Have you searched the city but had little to no luck?

Did you start with the founding three members who saw your vision, and now it is time to grow, but you don't know how?

This half-day course is designed to show you how to recruit and retain engaged board members.  Being an active participant on the board of directors is not an option,

                                    it is a requirement.  

When members "check out" it is usually because there is no process or the process is not functioning properly.  Experience and training have taught me that you don't simply ask a person to serve on your organization's board of directors, you develop a relationship with them, ensure there is alignment in your needs and their desire to serve, and you

                             SET THEM UP FOR SUCCESS!

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