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Board Member Recruiting

How is the board member search working out for you? Have you searched the city but had little to no luck?  It's your process, not you or your cause.

Course Overview

 Board Recruitment: Getting to the R.O.O.T. of the Matter


An in-person, half-day training cohort. 


This half-day course is designed to show you how to recruit and retain engaged board members.  Being an active participant on the board of directors is not an option, it is a requirement.  When members "check out" it is usually because there is no process or the process is not functioning properly.  Experience and training have taught me that you don't just ask a person to serve on your organization's board of directors, you develop a relationship, ensure there is alignment in your needs and their desire to give, and you set them up for success!


Participants will receive, The Board Building Cycle: Nine Steps to Finding, Recruiting, and Engaging Nonprofit Board Members, 2nd ed. by Berit M. Lakey as our foundation.

Playing the Game

Playing the Game

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Afternoon Session: Engage in breakout group activities employing best practices using board governance tools like the self-assessment survey and composition matrix.  Engage in peer-led and facilitator-led learning during the Q&A forum and teach-back session.  Take home FAQ Manual and board responsibilities book to continue your learning.


Join us as we apply a diverse combination of delivery methods, content, and interactions to build your capacity, synthesize your knowledge with action, and contribute to effective board performance.


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Key Learnings

  • Board/Staff interdependence

  • Board governance best practices

  • Board director roles and responsibilities

  • Board director recruitment and training

  • Effective communications

  • Financial management and leadership

  • Board and individual director self-assessments

  • Advocating for your nonprofit

  • Aligning mission, vision, and strategy

  • Employing governance tools and templates

  • Identifying boards on which to serve

  • Synthesizing governance knowledge with action

  • Developing high-performing boards

  • Board accountability and engagement

  • Consequences of board inaction

  • Providing organizational and chief executive oversight

Build Skills & Competencies

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Nonprofit Board Governance

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Goal Setting

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Team Building

Chart analysis

Accountability & Performance

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Strategic Planning

Balanced Geometric Shapes

Resource Management

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