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Lead your nonprofit organization to achieve the greatest impact with this unique training experience.

Learn More: Take a Video Tour of the Game


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Learn More: Take a Video Tour of the Game

501c Impact! is a board game designed to help nonprofit organizations achieve their goals. Using modern experiential learning methods, the board game is a highly-engaging training experience for nonprofit founders, executives, and current and prospective members of the board of directors.

501c Impact! Includes everything you need to facilitate a successful training experience at your location in as little as 2 hours or extended to a half or full-day session.  One game accommodates 2 to 16 participants.  Multiple games can be used for larger groups.

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Game Components


The game includes a tutorial video, easy-to-follow instructions, and downloadable training materials to supplement the experience. These materials allow you to take deeper dives into specific areas that may be particularly challenging for your nonprofit organization.

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