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Is this a game or a teaching tool?

It is both! 501c Impact! is a teaching tool intended to be used by trained facilitators, consultants, college & university degree granting programs, nonprofit capacity building organizations and nonprofit organizations as a complement to their existing training materials and course curriculum. This teaching tool is designed in the form of a board game that is creative, innovative, fun and engaging to create an experiential social learning environment.

Do I need to read all the instructions before I begin playing?

No. Both the written instructions and the video instructions indicate how much of the instructions you should read (or view) before starting the game. After that point, the remaining written instructions can be (and are best) read as you land on specific spaces during the game.

Can I read all the instructions and/or watch the entire training video before using the board game?

Yes. You have the option to read and watch as much of the instructions as you feel is necessary before you begin using the board game teaching tool. This option provides flexibility for different comfort levels when learning new material.

What is the difference between the planning space and the Years 2, 3, and 4 spaces?

Both types of spaces allow the teams time to reflect on the effect of prior decisions they have made and to strategically plan for the future. The additional benefit of the Years 2, 3, and 4 spaces is that nonprofit teams are rewarded with financial resources for the successful decisions they have made to date, as evidenced by which team has the first, second and third highest number of goals achieved.

Is there value in adding the amount of resources (by type) each nonprofit has at the end of the game?

Absolutely yes! The foundational premise of the game is to manage resources in an effective and efficient way for the nonprofit organization to achieve its goals and make an impact. Even though the winning nonprofit is the one that accumulates the most markers (which means they achieved the most goals thereby resulting in the greatest impact), there remains the question of, "At what cost?" Having a follow up discussion about whether an organization expended all or near all its resources to achieve its goals and create impact is important.

How do I play 501c Impact! with large groups?

Each game includues sufficient materials to play with 4 teams. Each team can consist of 1 to an infinite number of players (teammates). We recommend each team have no more than 4 players but you can certainly have more. The reason for the smaller number is so the game-play can progress at a reasonable speed. The game is intended to simulate real board room scenarios but not become an actual board room meeting with potentially lengthy discussions and no decisions. The game encourages engagement, getting to know one another, gaining respect and generating positive group dynamics. If a team has 10 or more teammates, for example, it is less likely the participants will learn the intended game objectives and instead will devolve into a similar real-life deadlocked situation. To accommodate a larger group, purchase an additional game or games so that you have the capacity to accommodate 4 additional teams (of 2 -16 people) with each additional game.

Is there an even more "social" way to use this experiential learning resource?

Absolutely! During a nonprofit organization's board retreat, staff retreat or a capacity builder's conference, set out 1 or more games (depending on number of attendees) and have participants play 501c Impact! as an evening social activity after a day of strategic, focused learning in workshops, presentations, plenaries and keynote speeches.

How do I set up the seating to accommodate the number of players?

Seating configurations will depend on the size and shape of your available tables as well as the size of the room. Click Here to see the suggested seating options in the About section.

Game Questions

How much is shipping?

There is no charge for shipping and handling costs.

How much is sales tax?

Sales tax is automatically calculated based on the respective rules of each state and therefore may or may not be appear as a part of the cost of your purchase.

Are there any membership fees or recurring payments?

No. Once your initial payment is made that is it! You can of course purchase additional games as you need them or purchase additional facilitation sessions from the game creator, but everything you need to use the teaching tool is included with your purchase.

What is the return policy?

  1. You may cancel your purchase of a game(s) only, within three (3) calendar days of your order for a full refund. No refunds will be honored beginning on the fourth (4th) calendar day after the order date.
  2. Purchases that include a facilitation component can be cancelled within three (3) calendar days of your order for a full refund. No refunds will be honored beginning on the fourth (4th) calendar day after the order date, however rescheduling the facilitation date is permitted. A new date must be identified within thirty (30) calendar days of the cancellation date and cannot be set for a date that occurs more than one (1) year beyond the date of cancellation. Please contact us here to select a mutually agreeable new date.

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